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Welcome to ReCapture Your Power. 

I am so pleased you found RYP and excited to share with you a new paradigm on health and wellness.  You're about to discover a whole new world and a shift in thinking about your healthcare and essential oils. 

This knowledge will allow you to escape into a world of total comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation.  Once I found out about 100% pure theraputic grade essential oils, I could not stop learning about them.  It was like reading a good book that you can't wait to get back to and find out the ending.  However, with essential oils there are no endings, just new discoveries on their awesome power. 

Discover the truth about pure theraputic grade essential oils and what they can do for you.  Theraputic grade oils are being used in countries like France, Germany, England, Egypt, etc. as perscriptions prescribed by doctors for aromatherapy and are used as cleaning agents in hospitals.  Unlike drugs, you can not overdose on essential oils, they will not harm your body.  They are live frequencies that work harmoniously with the body, not against it.  Essential oils are not a myth or folklore, but are backed up by hard copy research and 6,000 years of use.  Western medicine and processed drugs are a big business, but unfortunatly they are mostly reactive medicine.  I thank God for the doctors that saved my life in 2009 from cancer, but there is a "missing link" in our healthcare.  I hope to give you knowledge that you can use in your life everyday and hopefully when you see the benefit like I have, you will want to share this information too. 

My Experiance:
I learned about essential oils in massage school.  I always wanted to learn more, but was too busy with school to step away and learn more about the oils.  I know there was only one brand to trust that produced pure unadulterated oils and that was the only company to by from.  Well, when I opened my own practice, I had forgotten the name of the company that had the pure oils and I was not going to waist my money on the other oils, so I did not use them in my practice.  Not until six years later when I signed up for a Rain Drop Therapy class was I reintroduced to the oils.  I have been crazy about them ever since.  Within three weeks of using theraputic grade essential oil (Lavender) on my surgical scars, I noticed the redness in the scars were fading faster then they had in the past six months.  I noticed my energy level had increased ten fold just from drinking 1 oz. of NingXia Red in the morning, and I no longer had my cravings for coffee.  I started using Lavender along with Peace & Calming at night for a good night's sleep and eliminated the need for over the counter sleep aids.   I have replaced chemical cleaners in my home with Thieves®, a natural, all green household cleaner. 

Treat yourself to a luxurious experience of a Lavender deserve it!  essential oils will make your stress fade away into a distant memory (Stress Away Roll-On; helped me get through tax time).  The knowledge you gain can save you money on things like over the counter drugs (which have an expiration date, essential oils do not), chemical products you use in your home, doctor's visits, skin care products, and spices.  Yes, you can use pure theraputic grade essential oils in the kitchen, in your drinks, or taken by capsule internally, but only if they are pure, uncut, unadulterated oils. 

I love the knowledge I have gained about the essential oils and would love to share that information with you.  If you would like to meet or talk on the the phone, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Not only are the oils a perfect and healthy choice for your home, they are a wonderful fit for a massage, acupuncture, or physical therapy practice.  They are wonderful in the office, a classroom, salon or pet care.  The uses are endless. 
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